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To find pride as a global engineer after overcoming the depression and limitation of the domestic construction market, DONGSUNGEngineering earnestly became interested and entered the overseas business market after obtaining the Certification of International Contractor from the Korean Government in the year of 2005. The Overseas Business Department have performed various specific projects, specifically fulfilling the Korean ODA (KOICA, KEDCF) and Multilateral Development Bank (IBRD, ADB, EBRD, AFDB etc.) related projects.Also, we have abundant experiences in the various Civil Engineering Fields of Business Development, Master Plan, Feasibility Study, Detailed Design, Construction Businessand Safety Audit, etc.

Major Project Field

    - A Construction Business that carries out Overseas, Feasibility Study, Design, Procurement and Construction Supervision with Domestic and External Public Funds
    - Project Management for International Feasibility Study, Design, Procurement and Construction Supervision through Multilateral Development Bank
    - Overseas Business Development for Excavation of Overseas Private Investment, etc.
    - Economic-Developmenton the Korean Peninsula and Inter-Korean Cooperation Infrastructure Business