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The Civil Engineering Department isfurnished with outstanding professional manpower and know-how in various social infrastructures and land development divisionssuch as roads, water supply and sewerage, industrial complex and urban planning and water resource development.Not only that, our ability is acknowledged in various fieldsof social overhead capital (SOC) planning and designingthat supports the living environment of the people and economic and social activities. Based on our accumulated expertise and experience, we will be responsible for the part of theimprovementof our living environment and the balancedevelopment of our country through continuous research and user-centered innovation.

Major Project Field

    - Planning and designing roads of each grade
    - Wide-area and general waterworks design
    - Water intake and drainage system design
    - Designing sewer maintenance business
    - Developingand designing housing industrial complex
    - Developingand designing private investment projects, such as solar power generation facilities