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Geotechnical Tunnel is configured in all professional fields of geotechnical engineering and it possesses not only the ground foundation, such as structural basic design, soft ground improvement, slope reinforcement,etc., but also theyears of experiencesand Korea’s best technology in underground space design, such as subways and tunnels. We perform underground safety impact assessment, precise slope surface inspection and safety diagnosis to contribute to the prevention of social damage through the ensure safety of facilities and maintenance. We will unveil a new paradigm of optimized ground design and underground space by applying various latest analysis program and analysis technique to the complex ground motion mechanism.

Major Project Field

    - Ground survey and test
    - Design of underground space,design such as subway and tunnel
    - Structural foundation and provisional design
    - Soft ground and slope surface design
    - Stable design of dam and embankment
    - Risk assessment and countermeasure design
    - Underground Safety Impact Assessment
    - Precise inspection and safety diagnosis of slope surface