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Water is the source of all living things and has a profound impact on the survival and prosperity of mankind.As civilization and industrializationadvances, the importance of water resources development and utilization increases and due to the recent weather conditions, such as heavy rain and drought, water resource policy is needed under the actual circumstances. In the field of water resources,we do not only surveyed, planned, designed, evaluated, and supervised, but also perform in various fields of technical services, including water quality, river environment and disaster prevention. Based on the professional workforce and technology, we have made every effort to excavate overseas businessesby coping with the transformation of water resource policies and the social demands in Korea.In addition, we will do our best to provide technical services to improve the quality of life with the harmony of human and nature.

Major Project Field

    - Dimension Field:River Preliminary Plan, Watersheds Comprehensive Dimension Plan, Comprehensive Plan for Small River Improvement, Flood Recovery Design and Manual Repair and HydrologicReview
    - Field of Water:A river maintenance water procurement plan, Water resource development plan, Sustainable Water Treatment Plan, Waterfront Urban Development Plan and Pumping Station Plan
    - Disaster Prevention Field: Pre-disaster impact Review, Comprehensive Plan to Reduce Floorings, and Rainwater Drainage Design
    - River Environment: River Environmental Management Plan, A Study on the Improvement of Water Environment and Conservation Planning and River Environment Improvement Project