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We will be your reliable partner who provides highest value in all sincerity with all our heart and soul.

Welcome to DONGSUNG!

I am Sang-Kyu Lee, president/CEO of DONGSUNG Engineering Co., Ltd.
DONGSUNG is an enthusiastic company with accumulated technology and top specialists in each discipline.


DONGSUNG is a recognized consultant company throughout the World for their capability in Road, structure & bridge, geotechnical and tunnel who is growing rapidly as a comprehensive consultant engineering company even in Special Project such as water resources, urban planning, water supply and sewerage, railway, environmental, transportation planning and safety assessment as well as construction management.


Moreover we have established a robust foundation as an engineering leader in the social infrastructure field with the outstanding technology and differentiated culture of the company. We, DONGSUNG Engineering Co., Ltd., promise to be your reliable partner who provides not only simple engineering technology but also highest value in all sincerity with all our heart and soul. Also, we will be a contributive company for community with our recognition of corporate social responsibility and share.


DONGSUNG will always be open-minded and be ready to serve above and beyond our customers’ needs. Moreover, we will continuously try to develop future technologies which will allow all humankind to plan sustainable development. 


Thank you.