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The Water and Wastewater Department does not only work withcomprehensive sketch of water and wastewater projects, which are water service maintenance basic plans and sewer maintenance basic plans, but also perform basic and detailed design of municipal waterworks and local waterworks business, advanced water treatment business, public sewage treatment facility and water and sewage network maintenance business. In addition, we commit early stormwater treatment facilities, stormwater pumping stations and treatment water reuse facilities. Other businesses include turnkey and alternative design, BTL projects and overseas water and sewage projects. We will alwaysfind you the best solution for your needs with the best technology

Major Project Field

    - Waterworks area: Preliminary plan of water supply maintenance plan, designfor wide area water supply business, designfor drinking water purification facilities and designfor water supply and drainage facilities
    - Sewerage area: Preliminary plan for sewage maintenance, designfor public sewage treatment facility, design for wastewater treatment plant and maintaining sewage
    - Turnkey and private business: turnkey business, private business and sewer pipe BTL business
    - Overseas business: Overseas water and sewage business