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  • Detailed Design for Mt. Cheonma Tunnel Construction Project (Private Sector Project)
  • North-Suwon IC
  • Gongcheon IC
  • Yeondo Bridge of Hyojado
  • Uiryeong IC
  • Janghang IC
  • Hapcheon IC

Based on the differentiated technologyand creativity, as well as the excellent PM ability, the road sector has reached outstanding achievements in alternative, TK, technology proposal, and private business fields. Not only for the plans and designsofthe road finance business, butwe are recognized for the fields of design VE, public offering, overseas road projects and wind power generation projects. We will continue to research and innovate,based on our accumulated technology and experience for the creation of the future road design field that iscapable of sustainable growth in response to the upcoming changes.

Major Project Field

    - PlanningNational and local government highway network (road maintenance basic plan, national highway network plan)
    - Preliminary feasibility study and feasibility review
    - Feasibility study and basic design of highway and national highway
    - Detailed design of highway, national highway, provincial road, urban planning road
    - Private investment project proposal and third part public offering business
    - Alternative TK design, technology proposal
    - Design VE, Design Supervision, Prize contest
    - Overseas projects (Southern Asia, Central Asia, etc.)
    - Wind power business