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  • Design

    It presents the vision of Dongsung Engineering Co., Ltd., which forms the nature and the green mountains expressed by the rising sun and two triangles and fuses them together and moves forward. The triangle emphasizes the safest and most complete structure.

  • Logo type is one of the important elements of C.I (Corporate Identity) system together with symbol mark. What is presented in this section is a logo type that is designed considering other design factors, harmony and readability. English name is used as a combination of exclusive typefaces, logo type and reproduction of mission should be used as reduction and enlargement method by plate making using manuscript for manuscript of this manual. If this method is inevitable, logo type, It is used correctly in accordance with the proportional rules given in the Constitution of Mission.

  • The logo is a symbol of all visual communication media that form and communicate corporate image. In order to enhance corporate image formation and reliability, the logo should be used exactly in accordance with the regulated Instruction specified in this manual. It is difficult to maintain a consistent image of the logo in case the distortion of the shape occurs due to carelessness during use. In principle, it should be produced by photolithography method using the recycled data or by projection replication method using slide film. In case of particularly large production, it should be constructed by the grid system presented in this section.

  • Signatures are divided into basic types and application types. They are used most easily by recognizing the presence of companies and images. Since it plays a very important role in images, it is not possible to change the proportions or spacing arbitrarily. Use of this manuscript should be done by using plate making method in this manual. Even if you have to contact the CIP management department, be sure to use it.

  • Dedicated color is divided into primary color and secondary color. The main color is mainly used as the color of the symbol mark. The auxiliary color is the supplement of the main color, and it can be used for professional use such as printed materials, signs, vehicles, advertising promotional materials, and promotional materials. Thereby allowing a consistent image of the color system to be displayed, thereby causing unity of color. The use of spot color is given priority in color reproduction of exclusive color, but it is based on the color specification by 4 primary process color or screen combination even when using mass media such as newspapers and magazines.

Primary Color
  • Color #266423 / RGB(R 38, G 100, B 35) / CMYK(C 84, M36, Y100, K29)
  • Color #da2028 / RGB(R 218, G 32, B 40) / CMYK(C 8, M 99, Y 98, K 1)
  • Black(Color #000) / Black 100%
  • Gray(Color #ccc) / Black 20%
Dedicated color: spot color and 4 primary colors
  • Signature is a symbol of all starting communication media forming and delivering corporate image. It should be used in accordance with the usage method specified in this manual for corporate image formation and reliability improvement. Signature should be manufactured by photolithography method using recycled data or projection replication method using slide film because it is difficult to maintain consistent image as intended when distortion of shape is caused by carelessness during use In case of particularly large productions, they shall be constructed by the grease system described in this section.