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"We create a space that resembles nature." We carry out professional tasks such as planning / development feasibility study and analysis / master plan creation / designand etc. to create a comfortable and safe living environment andto construct an efficient land and city. Our aimis to create a space where people andnature harmonize with each other in the perspective of history, economy, culture, technology and ecology. We are performing comprehensive and future-oriented projectsby actively utilizing the theories and technologies necessary for creating an environment to reachthe development of land, development of residential land, large-scale resort, tourist complex, industrial complex Leisure sports complexes, etc. Based on extensive design experience and high technology, we will develop creative and innovative ideas in every field of the organic integration operation and lead the future land and urban construction.

Major Project Field

    - Territorial planning: national and regional planning, specific area construction planning,and provincial and municipal construction comprehensive planning
    - City planning: metropolitan city planning, city basic planning, city management planning, and district unit planning