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Since the transportation planning field is a specialized field that fulfills overall businesses related to transportation, it has accumulated technological expertise and profession through numerous work experiences. In the current urban traffic environment where traffic congestion is accelerating due to the disparity of traffic demand and supply, we are trying our best to establish an ideal and safe a future-oriented transportation systembased on the technical skills and services. Through continuous research and technology development on domestic and international traffic analysis techniques, the transportation planning field will become a professional group that satisfies the internationalization era.

Major Project Field

    - Transportation planning: Urban traffic maintenance basic plan and midterm plan, road construction management plan / public transportation / parking basic plan, advanced traffic system(ITS) planning and design
    - Traffic facilities: Feasibility study for SOC (road, railway, compound transfer center, new transportation), construction project (preliminary), establishment of measures for improvement of wide area traffic, evaluation of traffic impact and feasibilityandTraffic communication improvement measures and traffic review
    - Transportation Operation: Traffic System Improvement Project (TSM), District Traffic Improvement Project (TIP) and BRT Project Feasibility Study and Design
    - Traffic safety: Traffic management plan under construction, improvement of child protection area and traffic accidents frequent improvement project
    - Green Transportation: Bike Road / Walking
    - Others: Post Evaluation